Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazy Time

OH this month is going fast. Evelynn was Baptized this month it was a wonderful day for the whole family. I did a lunch after and it was a good time for fellowship. With Alaska not much has happenend with setting a better date of leaving. We still are need 80% before we can head up. But we are very greatful for all the prayers and loving support we are getting from our friends and family. We are hoping to get our movie soon so we can present to our church and Vriesland church. We have to present the movie and information all together in front of church. It is still amazing how God is putting people in our life to help us. I (Kacie) have had the privilege to make a wonderful friendship with a lady that goes to our church. We also have people praying for us. So If you want to know where we are at in our raising of support I would say we are at 25%. I am very excited to tell the Church families and see how everything works out for us to get up to Alaska.