Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking Forward

Since Jared has been done working for the last three weeks we have had time to get things organized. We have had more time to meet with people about support and we have looked at many trailers. We took another step out of our comfort zone and put a letter in the church mail box updating people and being more direct in asking about helping us. Also with looking at trailers Jared heard through the grape vine about a trailer for sale and so he went to look at it. It was perfect!!! So he called the owner and they wanted too much. So the next day he still couldn't get the trailer off his mind so he called the people back and told them what we were doing. The people are wanting to help us out and are trying to hold it for us. In the middle of all of this we got new family pictures taken.Here are some of them!

 The Whole Werkema Family

 This was a day that I did a photoshoot with Evelynn.

 We are still looking for support in prayer for the whether to hold out for our travel. We still are in need of some financial monthly support. We are very close but still need assistance.