Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rhubarb in Alaska

This is a Kacie post by the way so it is not confusing. So today was gorgeous the sky was so blue it was breath taking. It is amazing how much beauty there is here  and what God has bless us with. Me and the kids went and picked rhubarb from a friend's house. So we went overboard on picking but it was hard to stop and it was so nice to let the kids explore a new place. So I thought I would let everyone in on our day.

Kids running through the garden. They had a blast.

The indoor garden. So the tomato plants will touch the ceiling.

Showing how big the leaves are.

I didn't make a dent in the patch

Kenten showing off the biggest leaf.

The view from their house.

Love the mountains.

 All washed  and ready to cut.

All cleaned and cut up ready to turn into something wonderful.

There is a total of 6 gallons of cut rhubarb for the freezer
and 5 tupperware of freezer jam
15qt of canned Jam
7pt of canned Jam

All the work is worth it and thanks again to the friends for sharing the rhubarb.The kids helped out so much. And to end my busy day I cleaned my dish and had to try out the Jam with some toast.

To put icing on the cake for the day I seen a mom and baby moose tonight. She was a very caring mom.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Week of campers

Wednesday was rainy and cool. But the campers came in with all the excitiment needed to brighten the day. This will be a short week because we have younger campers. The kids are second and third grade. It is fun to see their excitment and we are overjoyed to see what God is going to do in their lives this week at camp. Even though the week is short, God is still at work.

Here are some pictures from when we went to the Lodge to greet the new campers as they arrived. Yes, it decided to rain, but it was fun. The kids were very hyper and excited.

This week, the counselors took their swim test in the lake. The water temp was a warm 38 degrees. bbbrrr!!! The air temp was like 50 degrees.I did not get out to take pictures because I was unsure of when they were doing that. Oh well I am pretty sure there are a few counselors that would splash the by standers just for laughs.

Also, we have the privilege to have a work team in from Pennsylvania. There are many skills in this team. They are finishing up their projects for this week. It is wonderful that they are so willing to come help out at camp and to work side by side as missionaries. Some of the skills that they have are heating and cooling, electrical, wood working, carpentry, auto mechanic (he has been working with Jared), ladies helping out with cleaning and cooking for the kids. I can't believe all the talent in one group. There are also some people here all summer helping out in the kitchen. Camp would not run as smooth with out the extra hands. We, here at camp, have been blessed by all of the people that came to help. So if you come up to help, Thank you for your partnership in the growing ministry. If you would like to come up and help out on a work team, let us know. We will have you talk to the right people here. So let us know if you have any questions. We were up on work teams before being full time.

I tried to sneak some pictures of the work team with out being in the way.
 Here is what I got.
They are working on a flower box

fixing a electric problem with one of the lights

 Jared working with the work team to replace a phone line.
In deep thought. 

What a place to work with mountains around you?

Here are the moose that have been gracing us with their presents. It is a mom and twin yearling. 
If you click on the picture you can see my clothes line right above his back. I am glad I didn't have clothes out or the moose would get stuck in it.

Yes that is next to the window..

They always turn the wrong side to the camera.

Okay this is a face picture.

The fruit truck came in and we were able to get some real fresh fruit. We also got oranges. Yes you know Kacie and the kids started eating as soon as they got home. 

Oh and last but not least. Pictures of the mountains with the clouds breath taking can't get enough of them. The river is high too. Tomorrow we hope to drive to the river with the work team what a fun night it will be fellowshipping together.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  We can't wait to see what God has planned for this week.