Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What is going on.

You can feel it in the air. Things gearing up for summer. Everything from the buds starting and some of the migrating birds are back. Camp is going to get busy from here on out. We had our first work team here what a joy to spend a night of fellowship. Also the camp summer staff are starting to come in this weekend.  There is still some needs but God knows how everything is going to play out this summer and how much help will be needed. The summer staff will have orientation and then cabin assignments. Oh and yes there is still ice on the lakes. Jared walked out on it yesterday, May 20, to retrieve a Frisbee. Not deep enough to drive on but I would not want to take a swim test any time soon Brr.  It will be fun to have the summer staff around. They have so much energy!!  Summer is a time of fly by the seat of your pants, not route. It is so much fun to see everyone working together.

To back up a little this past month Jared and Evelynn both had birthdays. Evelynn is growing so fast. Things are coming to an end with Sunday school, Awana, and Homeschool all done. The kids had fun in all their activities this year. To end Awana they had a pine wood derby race. They all loved it. Jared helped cut out the cars but the kids stray painted their own cars. Here are all their cars.

Alison's was a whale with googly eyes.

Nicholas is all boy. That shiner was from running with socks on a slippery floor.

Also for church there was a mission conference. Kacie along with a bunch of ladies made breakfast for the conference.  We discussed local missions and making disciples. It was very renewing.

No one went away hungry.

Well the incoming water to the main lodge froze after a long weekend with no groups. This is a 4 inch line. No big deal, they streamed the line that night. The Lodge was back in business. 2 days later, the Lodge lost water again. So they did some checking and found out there was a break somewhere in the 200 feet section of 4 inch poly. So they started to digging farthest away from the building to avoid power lines and other obstacles. They keep moving towards the building until they found the problem. Yes they found the break. During this time they had groups of guest in. When they were digging they hit a 100 pair phone line. Not just any line it was about 200 wires. This was discouraging. They were able to bring water to the lodge temporarily by using a fire hose over the ground. The maintenance crew are very talented in their quick thinking and ability to manufacture and engineering fittings for the fire hose and different water lines. They are all very hard workers, many long days spent dealing with this problem. Those talents are needed when town is so far away. Now they still have a little part of the line bypassed with 2 inch poly to make it potable, until they can do some precise digging where the break is. They are cutting insulation to hopefully prevent headaches of frozen pipes next year. It is hard with the frost going so deep into the ground.

We want to thank first our Lord and Savior for watching over us. There is so many ways things could have gone wrong. Thank you for all those praying for us during this time. Also some of you have been praying for the Legg family at camp. Jennifer (the mother of 3) found out she had a spot on her brain. Jennifer had the spot removed Praise the Lord it was benign. We have so much to be thankful for. 

The clouds were so low. That is the mountain side next to the road.