Thursday, December 22, 2011

Praise be to the Lord, we made it safely!! Jared and Kenten made it to Victory Bible Camp early Wednesday morning on Dec. 15. As you know, I was flying into Alaska with the other kids on that same day. So Jared surprised me and the kids by picking us up from the airport. It was a wonderful surprise. The plane ride went great with the kids and with the help from Brianna (my sister). The rest of Jared's trip went very smooth. No flat tires or break downs. The Lord was watching over them all the way. The sun was shinning everyday. After our arrival, we spent the first night in guest housing until we could unload our stuff into our house. We were able to put our trailer into the heated shop so our stuff could warm up before we move it in to prevent breaking. It was wonderful how everyone helped us move in, and we had meals brought to us for a week while we were unpacking and settling in.  It was a great way to start relationships. The next few days were crazy with information overload. We got a lot of work done with organizing the house and making lists. We are working on getting citizenship established. Drivers licences,internet, phone, mailing address and insurance stuff. Jared will start working as soon as all this is taken care of. Right now there is about 3 feet of snow on the ground. It is so beautiful. We can't thank everyone enough for helping us through prayer and support. The days are the shortest right now, but are not really any different than Michigan. Here are some pictures of our house and some views that we get to wake up to every morning.

Our home Phone: 907-746-7124 

Or call camp and they can transfer you.

Here are some pictures of our house and some veiws that we get to wake up to everyone morning.
Here is Evelynn enjoying her long underwear.
Here is the front of the house.

 Here is the enter way

Here is the Living room

Kenten doing house work. He is such a sweet boy.

The Kitchen

Up stairs Bathroom

Here is Evelynn's room. This is also my sewing room. Can't wait to use it.
I have some sewing to do with window treatments.
Our room is a not in any pictures, because it is a collect all room for right now.

Here is Boy's room They are down stairs

Alison Downstairs

The snow out of Alison's window

The open basement to play

Here is the kid's bathroom
Here are some views

So we are so blessed and excited for what God has in planned for us. Thanks for all the prayers during the move and for the continual prayers.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

on the Road!!

So Jared and Kenten left one Tuesday the 7th. The picked up Johnathan from camp at the airport at 2:45 in the afternoon. Than they made it to Kenosha, WI. Johnathan was tied and Jared did not have good luck with Chicago. Than the next day they made it to St. Cloud, MN. That hotel had a pool and Kenten was able to go swimming and burn off some stored energy form the ride. Kenten had so much fun. Than they traveled up through North Dakota to Canada. The boarder crossing was fast maybe 5 minutes. All the hotels were full because of the oil workers. So they head west and ended up at  Elkhorn Alberta and stayed there. It was the last room available they were very lucky. The next night they made it to Edmonton. They still didn't run into any snow. They went on to  traveled to Drawson Creek. Tonight they are in Fort Nelson they ran into some snow and had to use the chains once. But everything went good and they are in the hotel. I talked to them on Skype for along time and it was great to see him. In that time will Jared has been gone I have moved form Jared's mom and dad's house to my mom and dad's house. So Jared's sister and brother in law can moving in to the his parent's house while they are in the process of  building their house. I have found that I needed to buy another piece of luggage because I have way to much stuff to fit into one bag. I fly out on Wednesday morning with the kids and my younger sister Brianna. I can believe how things are working out. I love to watch God work.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Green light to go!

We have reached our goal and have set dates to leave. Jared will leave Tues. morning, Dec. 6 with the truck and trailer. Kenten will ride along with Jared. The two boys will cruise on down to Chicago to pick up a passenger from camp to ride along the rest of the way so they wont be alone. Kacie will leave Wednesday, Dec. 14 with the other three kids and her sister Brianna to help out. They will be taking the Alaskan Air lines. If all goes as planned. Jared will arrive just before Kacie...assuming that the weather cooperates. We are very excited and busy. We are trying to contact everyone to get things squared away before we leave. We want to say our goodbyes and we don't want to forget anyone. We love all of you and thank you all for your prayers and support. We will be in touch and we will surely be back to visit from time to time. We would like you all to pray for safe travels.
Serving at Victory Bible Camp,
Jared, Kacie, Kenten, Alison, Nicholas and Evelynn Werkema