Tuesday, March 25, 2014

      As we are getting older, we are seeing how much society has changed since we were our kids’ age. We know that when we were younger we were looking at life through children’s eyes and didn’t see everything as it was. We have been noticing how most everyone is glued to their I-phones or a source of connection to technology. The question comes to mind, how did we survive 100 years ago? There seems to be less interaction with each other. It is kind of sad to see kids not talking and playing with each other. A source of technological entertainment has become the babysitter in the family. This is one of the many reasons we love the Victory Bible Camps location. There is little to no cell phone reception. If you are determined to find service you need to climb a mountain to make a call. Separation from the busyness of society will open your ears to listen, your mind to expand, and naturally cause people interaction. It is good for all ages to become unplugged every once in a while, even if it is only a weekend a year. Like many of our Conference groups, folks come out and retreat. Regaining perspective on life, they reenergize and focus on what is important in this life. We encourage those wrapped up in the busyness of everyday and show the love of Jesus Christ and what He has to offer.
       We are getting excited for summer camp. The kids will be spending time playing in the woods, water, and interacting with other kids throughout the week with the many activities that camp has to offer. We love to see kids full of Joy and enjoying God’s creation. We just pray that God will work in their hearts while they are here. Pray that they would come to know Christ as their personal Savior, and pray that the kids who already believe would grow in Him. Pray that they can take this truth and share it after they leave. Pray that summer camp of 2014 will be a huge impact on their lives. We are looking forward to seeing who God calls to serve this summer on staff. It is wonderful to see how God works in the summer staff from when they first get here to when they leave. The counselors come here thinking they will be helping kids find Jesus, which is true, but they themselves walk away with a deeper more meaningful relationship with Christ and better understanding who God is and His will for us. We love to see God working in others. God is working in us as well. Our goal is that others may see the joy of Christ in us.
        Victory conference season is soon wrapping up. Some of the biggest groups have already come and gone. For each guest group on the grounds, we provide a personal host to meet all their needs. The host will distribute the group’s requests and concerns through the necessary channels of staff to make their stay as convenient as possible. It takes a very organized staff to balance this operation. We are glad God gives everyone different gifts, and we are thankful for the staff here at Victory.
       On the family side of things, we started the kids in swimming lessons. They are very excited. We go once a week to Wasilla for their class. They do small classes with one on one teaching. With the kids being around water all summer, we found it very important that they learn how to swim. Homeschooling is going good. The kids are looking forward to summer with no school. We have to stay focused now before the weather gets nice otherwise we just want to play outside all day. We are hoping to go camping as a family this summer at least once. Jared and the boys went to the Mountain Man camp out this year. The guys had a blast. They went from Thursday through Sunday so they were able to spend some time bonding and doing guy stuff. Aka eating a lot of bacon and steak. Dare to bet no vegetables were slain during that time, but the boys are already talking about next year.
       We have the joy of looking forward to many visitors this year. Nick, a young man from our church will be joining us this summer to work with the summer camp program. We absolutely cannot wait for him to show up. Also our supporting church is sending up a work team in August. We can’t wait to see who is coming up. Also both our parents are making a point to come up this year. So we are very excited to share in this ministry with family, friends and loved ones. We hope that someday everyone can come for a visit. Any season and for any reason we are up for visitors. Camp will provide the housing necessary for supporters, family, and friends.

Prayer requests…
-The Zimmerman family and those close to them with the loss of a loved one.
-Summer staff and that God’s will be done
-Growth in the hearts of those who step foot on campus this year
-Parental guidance during the busy season

-Safety for those traveling and working this summer.
Mountain man tent

Kenten and Nicholas at mountain man

Eating Bacon.

Alison lost her first tooth.

Ice fishing with the kids.

Ice fishing with friends and their kids.

Pushing more snow.