Sunday, June 22, 2014

Since our last update, we have had the joy of experiencing winter in the middle of summer. We had 6 inches of snow. It was a winter wonder land. The bad side was it folded a lot of tree branches down. There for causing some power outages. The nice part about it all was the snow was gone by evening.

Before camp started, Jared and I went on a little camping trip with no kids. It was a nice break before the busy time of camp. It was a great time to take and enjoy the view and quiet time together.

Here is a spruce Hen on her eggs. She is very camouflage. 

Here is her eggs.

First picking of mushrooms. So good
Some of the big mushrooms from the second time that we went picking.

Eggs that the kids found behind our house.

The kids watching the baby birds.

The moon over the mountains at 11 o'clock at night.

Wild roses on the way up to camp.

The kids program for VBS. They did a great job.

On our hike with some friends up the fossil beds.

Camp is on its 3rd week with kids. It is very energetic around here now. We have a great group of summer staff. There is a lot of summer staff from Kansas and Michigan area. It is so much fun hearing how they heard and decided to come to Victory. There are always a few things that you could go to or that you have to do. Jared is busy with work team members helping out and vehicle demands. As a family we are thankful that for the most part Jared is home in the evenings.
Jared working

Alison and Kenten are both loosing teeth at the same time. So there is alot of toothless smiles around.