Thursday, September 13, 2012

It is Fall!

 God has been so good to us this fall season.  The weather is changing from sweatshirt temperatures to coat and gloves.

We had the wonderful pleasure to have Kacie’s Grandfather and cousin come up for 10 days. Also  at the end of the month we will have Jared’s parents up for a week. It was a wonderful time to spend together with the family. We have been picking lots of berries!! There are so many berries. We got another road kill moose. Our freezer is full. That is a wonderful feeling. The Lord has provided for us in many ways.

Ethan was camera shy.

It was wonderful weather when the family was up here. Love the mountains.

It is moose season and we were watching in all the activity.

During the time of Grandpa being here the state fair was going on so we were able to go and enjoy the fair. Jared was sick so he did not go to the fair. Grandpa and Kacie went. It was fun time to see what was out there. Tons of food booths. You dream about eating it while it was at the fair, bacon covered in chocolate, turkey legs, crab legs Chinese food, everything. My senses were going crazy with all the wonderful smells. But Kacie's eyes were on the craft barn. The quilts and wool spinners were a wonderful spot to spend a few hours. Grandpa was all over the Vegetables and how big they were.

They show reindeer.

Sitting at the Victory Booth. Girl time.
A work team along with the maintenance staff finished some projects. Here is the woodstove for the main lodge. It heats all the water and the whole building.

That is the wood shed.

 The new Wood Boiler.

 The Heat exchanger in the boiler room

Also this month we celebrated Kenten’s 7th birthday! His big present was Legos. The hours of constructing things has started.

Next week we will have a week off. There will be no one in camp beside family of staff. It is a much needed down time for the staff. We are go to spent time getting ready for winter and some much needed family time.
That brown snake looking thing is the road we were really high up.

The snow is moving down the mountains. Here is the end of Aug. and here is now pic.

Our hike one Sunday afternoon up Lion's head with no kids enjoying Gods beauty. It was very high up. But we can't thank you enough for all your love and support. We give our Almighty Maker all the credit.