Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission Outreach

We can't believe that it is almost April. There is so much to pray for and to be thankful for. This week, three staff members here at Victory, will be flying out to Galena, AK. They are going to meet with a missionary pastor there and discuss ministry opportunities. We need prayer for safety and guidance in this direction of mission work. We would like prayer for the decisions that will need to be made. We need prayer that the Lord will speak through us, at Victory, with our words and our actions. We need prayer that we, as staff, will always be provided for. We need the prayer support to pursue this calling for Victory Bible Camp. God calls us to be disciples. We are thankful for the many opportunities to present Christ through our gifts of service through Victory Ministries. We need to take advantage of these opportunities, because the time is near. What a wonderful day when Christ shall come...no more suffering, no more tears, no more pain. God has a big plan for Victory. Outreach is what discipleship is all about. Things are changing for the better.