Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family Time

We have gotten a lot more snow. There's probably 3 feet or more and counting. This past week, the temps were in the teens. We have had a few days well below zero. One morning was about -20. It is still so pretty outside. The snow will stick to the trees. The sun is coming back more and more each day. It is wonderful to feel the sun rays on your skin. The Lord makes known the small details. God's majesty exists everywhere. His creation is still so breathtaking.

-18 degrees Sunday morning
-27 on the way to church

As a family we decided to take a trip to Seward, Alaska. It is about 4 ½ hour drive southward from our house. We stayed overnight. The weather was warm and rainy. The town has direct access to the ocean and is a big fishing town. We went to the Sea Life center and walked the Docks. The kids had such a great time. They wouldn't stop talking about the sea critters. We stayed in a hotel with a pool. That was one of the highlights for the kids. I bet they would have slept in the pool if we would have let them. We had a great time as a family.

Ice and water fall

My beautiful bride

Stinker child

Strapping on the ol feed bags
A.K.A. supper in the hotel

This was the kids favorite. They could touch all the sea creatures.

There were quite a few avalanches that we seen on the way there and back.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Times

We often wonder where time goes. Another year under all our belts. New children born, and many gone to their eternal home. What a day that will be when there will be no more pain and suffering.  No more tears or sin. Made righteous through Jesus. Now we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior and a new year of merciful blessings. We are so grateful for having a Loving God. We have been blessed all throughout the year and so very much this season. We are astonished by all the Christmas cards and loving notes sent our way.  

We were able to Skype with most of the family during this Christmas season. We were able to open presents and spend some great time together as a family. Jared had a nice long weekend to enjoy being with family. Although going around to check heat in buildings is still a daily need. The schedule is broken up between all the maintenance staff during days off. Kenten and Kacie went sledding on Christmas afternoon with some friends while Jared and the younger kids stayed and played with the new board games. Evelynn took her nap. Here is a picture of our Black Spruce Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Here is a picture of all the Christmas cards we have received this season. We loved to read about how things are going with each and everyone of our friends and families. 

They don't celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks because it's light all night long. So New Year's eve is a perfect excuse for fire power and explosives. Almost every little community exercises the brilliant displays of beauty in the sky. The best part is watching the excitement of the kids. Our family took part in a little fireworks display and we had a blast. Evelynn wasn't so sure about the booms. She will probably have more fun next year.

There are new groups in every week ranging from family get-a-ways to church youth retreats. December was a little bit of a slow month, but now it will be busy until September. So ready or not the fun beginnings. We are looking forward to what counselors are coming back here and how God is going to use them this summer. Also all the work teams with our trips to the river for coffee and goodies.We are happy to serve no matter what time of the year or with what we are doing. We love living out each day for the Lord and for what He has planned for us each day.

We hope your Christmas and New Years was a great time of fellowship and time spent with friends and family. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts during this time of year.