Saturday, May 26, 2012

We thought this month would bring Jared flying to Galena and Kacie working in the garden. We were wrong.  With Jared, things got too busy with camp for them to fly out, plus the pastor did not have anything lined up that would work for schedule. So that is put on hold until after summer camp is done. But he did lead some middle school aged kids on fossil bed hikes and enjoyed getting to speak with the kids. Kacie didn’t realize that you can’t do anything outside until it is warmer so she started some flowers and moved some to bigger pots. She also went to a gardening class that was at the public school for some more information on the kinds of varieties that do well in this climate. She enjoyed it and it was a chance to interact with the local people and get plugged in. She also did a all day volleyball tournament at the school. It was fun and a lot of laughs.

This month went by so fast though. Even though it wasn’t what we thought it wasn't going to be. But it was still wonderful. We were very busy with everything from camp, to church, to family. With camp we are gearing up for summer camp which is starting in a few weeks. There are counselors already here.  Jared has been busy checking over summer vehicles and working on the never ending problems of things needing to be fixed. But there is a huge Blessing for us this summer with buses. The camp buses would go to Anchorage to pick up kids and drop them off. This year the camp is contracting with the local school buses to handle the transportation for summer camp. This is a way for them to be a part of Victory. That frees up people who would have had to drive also it was a lot of checking over on buses for Jared every week. We are so excited to work with the bus barn and the wonderful people there.  Also he had a few days where he was a plumber and a carpenter around camp. It is wonderful that Jared can be blessed with a wide variety of skills... including exposing the plummer butt crack. Famous words here from Red Green. 

If the women don't find you handsome. they should at least find you handy.. Thank you Red Green

With Church, we ended Sunday school and had a potluck with everyone. It was wonderful to talk and get to know more people.  With the family we are paying close attention to making time for the family and not letting things get in the way. This is one of our prayers. The kids are playing outside a lot. Our neighbors have a trampoline set up now and the kids love playing with their friends on it. Also the bikes are used daily.

Things are really greening up around here. We are able to plant outside now it stays warm enough at night. The trees are getting leaves and they are changing so fast. The rhubarb plants are close to first cuttings and the wild flowers are out.  We found a bunch of wild raspberry bushes around the house. The ice is finally of the lake as of May 22 and the entire water front is in it's place now. That is still going to be a cold swim for the kids.  The loons are back on the lake and the trumpeter swans are also on the lake. It is fun to watch the pairs of birds on the lake. There are new baby moose now but we have not had the chance to see them but others have seen them around. Their hoof prints are the size of deer tracks. They are so cute when they are young. But they soon turn ugly and grumpy looking.

Rhubarb almost  ready for the first cutting.

There is a fruit truck that is coming up once a month in the summer from California. We are going to buy some fresh fruit. There is everything from cherries, apples, oranges, melons, berries, and figs. It is straight from the farm to the truck then hauled up here.  Mmm we miss the fresh fruit so we are excited for real fruit.

This is the water front all put up and no ice on the lake.

Boys being boys!

The rainbow trout are spawning. When we walk by the lake we will see 3ft trout right up by the edge. The kids love it and yes they do end up wet either from testing the water or throwing rocks in it. I think no matter what age of the kid they all love to throw rocks into the water and watching it splash.

So this month Kacie and other staff wives are going to have a group prayer once a week. To pray over the camp and everyone involved with the camp.  Jared is going to be working on mostly vehicles and more than likely a few other things that come up too.

We have been so blessed by how everything is working out with us being here. The Lord has taken every worry and stress away. Ok we still worry about the kids being outside. But we know the Lord is watching over us. The love for Him is growing and His love for us becoming more evident. The amount of love he has for our little family is wonderful to feel and we just pray for everyone to feel His love and comfort.

We want to thank you all for your prayerful support. We can feel it. God leads us with his voice. We listen and let him work through us. We want to serve him with you.

The Werkema's

                                         Here are some more pictures.
Alison playing at the play ground

Kids helping papa

The ducks I couldn't fine the swans

My rose bushes all with leaves.

The wild flowers

The kids playing rid'em cowboy with some friends that came for supper.

Those are sheep.

Kenten hiking with Jared and they seen Sheep. 

Kenten with a egg toss at the school picnic.

My mother's day gift a clothes line. Love line dried sheets.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring is here in Alaska

So I would say that spring is finally here in Alaska. There is still a lot of snow in the woods but along the road and drive ways you see mud and grass. The birds are here and sing all the time. We hear a lot of wood peckers, chickadees, magpies, Robins and Kacie saw a pair of Trumpeter swans when she was in town. We are getting excited to start gardening. As long as we can fight off the moose.  We have some flowers started in the house given to us from our neighbor. It's neat to see how well the snow insulates everything on the ground. When the grass was uncovered it was green, but after a couple of cold nights it turned more brown. We even have a pansy that made it through the winter. The Rhubarb is looking beautiful and Kacie can’t wait to freeze some and make pies!!

It survived the winter!
This is the grass on the first week of April.
Here is the grass the last week of April.
Kacie's flowers safe inside!

Evelynn and Jared had birthdays this month. It was something special to celebrate together as a family.
For his Birthday!!

For her Birthday!
Her new favorite thing.
Her cupcake hat from her auntie

Now the other kids have been playing outside a lot. Kenten is almost done with school for this year. Here is what they are up to out side.
Working on being a monkey!

Playing with their friends.

Coloring on their tee shirts.

Jared has been busy checking and putting all the snow blowers and winter equipment away this past week. Also he is going to lead middle school age kids on nature hikes for out door education. He will take them to the Fossil beds and tell them some facts about the local berries, trees, glaciers and history. The kids will also go on a Glacier hike and be able to walk out on it but Jared is not going to lead those groups. It's a cool way for kids to get out of the class room, and a good way to share our beliefs.

A practice hike of where they take the outdoor education groups.

 Next month Jared will be flying to Galena to help with a community outreach program that Victory is trying start up with a pastor in that area. So we ask for prayers for safety and words to speak. This community is a population of under 500 on 17.9 square miles and you can only get there by plane or snowmobile in the winter. Jared is going to do what he does best... work with his hands. Him and two other guys are getting together and working on local peoples four wheelers, snowmobiles, and vehicles. Or if they just have questions the guys are there to help.

The moose have been out and about in camp. It is fun to watch them from a safe place. They will be calving soon. We haven't seen any babies yet. But here is the moose that has been visiting our grass almost every other night.

my plants are safe right now.

I had the opportunity to go to a homeschooling curriculum fair in Anchorage. Two other ladies and me stayed overnight and enjoyed a nice get away. Plus all the cool books and hands on activities the fair showed us to working into our home school year. So I think I have everything in order and it will be here and we will start in August. I am excited! The kids may have a different opinion.

The sunset from our hotel and that is the ocean in the distance.

 Thanks for our supporters and their commitment to our mission partnership. We have been blessed so much and we are so thankful for everyone who cares for us by praying for us. We think of everyone and the impact we are making together with all the people that we come in contact with. 

Mountains on the way back to camp.