Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a wonderful Sunday!!

This morning we woke up to 55 degrees. What a relief of temperature compared to last week.We have so much to be thankful for. There are so many people willing to help us out in any way. We are thankful for family and friends. Today we went up in front of our church to let the congregation know what we are doing. Afterwards, we had a question and answer time for anyone who wanted to learn more about our mission. Jared was so nervous, but it turned out okay. The Lord is constantly working with us every step of the way. We have a little ways to go with support raising before we can leave. We really hope to be able to leave sometime in September. But if that is not the Lords plan then maybe October? Either way, we are getting very anxious. We want to let everyone know that, sometime in the near future, we will plan a going away party/dinner for all family and friends to join in on for a time of fellowship and food.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer is Ending!!

It has been a fast crazy summer for us and also for Victory. Summer camp is done now for the camp and it has been very exciting. There has been a lot of Kids that have come to know Christ or have deepen their relationship with Christ. It is always great when you hear how people are coming to know our Savior.

We have talked to the Director a few nights ago and the whole camp is ready for us to get up to camp.  We are still working on support and praying about how the Lord has it mapped out for us to get up to camp.  Other exciting news with support is we are working on a date to talk in front of Forest Grove church. We hope that it will be this month. We are also hosting a dinner for members of Vriesland Church for people interested in hearing about how the Lord is working at Victory camp. I am excited but nervous to host a dinner. I finished our prayer cards and they look great and I can't wait to see how God will bless us with all the prayer. We are still hoping to leave sometime in September. We thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.