Monday, November 5, 2012

The winter so far

The ice this year has been great for skating on. It froze when there was no wind and no snow so it was smooth.  It was fun to see the plants and fish under the ice. Also all the air bubbles that were trapped in the ice.  The ice is thick enough that people can drive on it. Last time we went to town we got all the kids ice skates. So we have had a lot of fun practicing with those. The kids are getting good. They only fall down half the time now. Here are some pictures of how clear the ice is.
a lot of the church members and camp staff families

The bubbles are so cool.

Just to let you know the sun is up at about 8:30am and is setting about 4:30pm. It is still light in the sky before the sun comes up and then light for a little bit when the sun goes down.  Also it has been pretty nice. Very clear and sunny but only getting in to the low twenties. That is why the ice is so thick. Luckily they have not had a problem at camp with frozen pipes yet. If there is not much snow, they will fight frozen water and sewer pipes.

At first Nicholas didn't like seeing the bottom of the lake. He would not come out away from the shore.

Jared finish putting the bobcat back together. He rebuilt the engine. He had to do a test run and make sure everything was going good. He is plowing the ice rink.