Friday, August 24, 2012

Things are wonderful. God has blessed us with some great friends. Thanks to all of those who pray for us. These past few weeks have been stretching us but in a good way. We have been going with the flow of the busy time. We thought with summer camp being done that things would slow down a little, but It is busy in a different way. We have two different work teams here. One of the groups are from Vermont with 7 people. Then there is a Christian group of skilled workers in that are from all over the states working here as part of "Dangerous for Good". There are a total of 35 people working. It is crazy. All the jobs that they are working on. Also it is a lot of work lining up the work and tools for the jobs. God always provides wonderful people wanting to help the camp and also with how He has lined up the groups and the supplies. We have seen God work in many humbling ways and also reaching the community.

We are in the process of installing a new wood boiler for Miracle Lodge. This is quite the process, but going great. This is supposed to save a lot of money on heating oil costs. I am very excited to see how this will work. The boiler is a very efficient burner using all heat possible from the wood burning (Gasification Burner). The boiler will be outside with an under ground heat loop running to a heat exchanger inside. Now we just have to figure out who will keep filling the boiler with wood.

The air strip has been quite a large project this summer. There have been many equipment hours spent on moving dirt and adjusting the lay of the land. A gentleman by the name Harvey has committed his time to finishing this project. He is doing a wonderful job. He is making ditches and crowning the run way for water run off. Harvey is also going to be expanding a trail into a drive way for easier access to the Hidden Cove house across the lake.

We are finally getting to repair the outside of Alpine lodge. There was a gracious donation to purchase the siding. We were also able to put new steel roofing on Ranch Lodge and Alpine Lodge. A lot of the work teams have been busy cutting fire wood for the boiler. We sure do appreciate all their hard work and dedication.

And like anything of this world, everything eventually breaks down. I try to squeeze in as many repairs as I can between jobs so we don't hold somebody up. It is going great though. There always seems to be a hydraulic hose leaking somewhere. I like to call it the "Rust Prevention Program".

New roof on Ranch camp lodge

New siding on alpine lodge

New carpet in the house across the lake

Wood shed for the lodge's new wood boiler.

Crowning and ditching the air strip.

The guys making some portable wood sheds

Doing some yard work.

The new fire pit near the Berry cabins. A special thanks to Gordon!!!

I (Kacie) have been freezing a lot of food lately. It has been great to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The blueberries are ripe and we have 2 gallons in the freezer so far. Also I found a place to buy bulk produce straight from the farmer. We found 20 pounds of broccoli to freeze. I am so thankful that I can put up food for the family God has blessed me with wonderful training of preserving through the help of my mom. Next will be Cranberries and Kale. Yes we are thinking about a second freeze for next fall. One for produce and bread Then one freezer for moose and fish but we will pray about one and wait to see what the Lord has planned for us.

picking blueberries

There is some excitement. We are having family come up this month and next month. First Kacie’s Grandpa and Cousin are coming for 10 days at the end of the month. Than next month Jared;s parents are coming up for a week, We know both times will be great and go by too fast. But we look forward to seeing them and letting them see firsthand the camp and what we do. We can’t wait and we're excited to see what God has in store for those visits.

With it being nice out a lot these days the kids have been playing a lot. Here is when we went down to the school to play. The kids had a great time. School has started here for the public school and also for us at home. The kids are doing great we are working on a good routine for things but it is going good. We started earlier so we can take time off for when the family is here and still be on track.

The State fair is coming up. Can’t wait to see the large vegetables and animals. We don’t know if it will be like the fair in Michigan. We are going to have a family day and go to the fair for sure once. We will take pictures and tell you all about the adventures.