Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer coming to an end

     July is almost coming to a close. We had a lot of beautiful days this month. Not too hot though. Only a high of 79 outside. The kids have played outside and made a fort. They have attended the rodeo where the campers show the skills that they learned from the week. Also there is always a crazy skit for entertainment.

This Skit was so funny. They were telling a story about hunting and how to follow tracks. One of them followed tracks and was run over by a train. It was a good time.
Yes they are knee boarding behind a horse...

We have gone to the Matanuska river with the work teams. It is wonderful to see their reactions to the mountains and the river.

That is the moon between the mountains there.

 We have the Hudsonville reformed church work team helping out around the camp right now. It is fun to have some more West Michigan people in the area. We will have them over and see who we know. The gentleman working in the shop with Jared used to work for Rich at Dykstra's Auto back in the day. It is fun to hear their stories. This group has been coming up here for years. I think one of the guys is on his 10 time up to Victory. Here are some of the projects that we are working on this week. Some are mowing and building and working in the kitchen. There is 14 people in the work team.  They are such a blessing to the camp and helping us keep things going.

Here's Bob Alexander working on a new deck and next landscaping.

Spreading more rock for the fire pit area.

 Marv is fun to watch work with heavy equipment.

Jared and Chuck working on DOT inspections.

  Evelynn had her surgery and it went great. She was great through the whole thing. That day we took a few wrong turns and ended up at a park. I brought along lunch so we had a pinic and let  the kids play and we walked on the beach. It was a beautiful day out. Also it was right by the airport and we got to see planes land. On another runway we watch planes practice for the air show this month. We will have follow up appointment next month for Evelynn. But she is healing great. Here are some of the picture of our wonderful family day. 

Evelynn after the surgery and a nap. She was so happy.

All the kids had fun playing. It was a beautiful family day.

So there are a lot of flowers out right now. It is beautiful. Plus the berries will be able to be picked in about a month. Raspberries, blueberries, mossberries, and there are a few more. Mmm My mouth is watering and I am planning on freezing some so we can enjoy them throughout the winter. We have had the most wonderful rainbow. Then it turned in to a double rainbow it was breath taking.

The kids fort.

Evelynn loves the views from up high.

 There is always someone to prank. But it sure makes us laugh what they come up with

 Having popsicles with some friends

 stamping while other kids took naps

Campers playing flag water fight. The water gun sprayers have flags that the kids have to get to get the sprayers out. Some fun ways to cool down on a hot day.

 Rhubarb pie. 

The Lord has been working through camp this summer. Stretching us in ways that are needed. Thanks for all the prayers and support. We are so happy to serve a wonderful God together.

Friday, July 6, 2012

July so Far.

It has been so beautiful these past few weeks. Sorry for all the people having to deal with the heat and dry weather in the lower 48. We celebrated Alison's birthday on the 2nd.  She is now 5 years old. Here are some pictures from her birthday.

All ready for the rain.
 The fourth of July up here is not filled with fireworks and swimming. At least no swimming this year for us and it is light at night so fireworks are a waste of money. We had a potluck with all the community It was fun we didn't know even half of the people there but it was fun seeing everyone come and enjoy the day. It was a ton of fun and we were able to talk to a lot of people. Oh and the normal things happened like launching off 2 cars from a cliff and launching a bowling ball into the air with a cannon. Yes the normal things.

Here are some video and pictures of the actions. Jared helped get the cars ready to launch and was one of the guys launching the cars.

if you click on them you can see all 4 of the planes. They are from kingdom air core they train missionary pilots and are located towards town a little ways.

one of the cars that went over the hill that day.

This vehicle is great for getting through the mud and going across the river to hunt or get wood

They support Green tractor up here!!
Getting ready for the cannon launch. The person in the hoodie lit the fuse.

The car launch.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th and we are so blessed to be able to shout God's name and we have the freedom to worship Him. We pray for the people in countries where they are under oppression from the government.