Thursday, December 22, 2011

Praise be to the Lord, we made it safely!! Jared and Kenten made it to Victory Bible Camp early Wednesday morning on Dec. 15. As you know, I was flying into Alaska with the other kids on that same day. So Jared surprised me and the kids by picking us up from the airport. It was a wonderful surprise. The plane ride went great with the kids and with the help from Brianna (my sister). The rest of Jared's trip went very smooth. No flat tires or break downs. The Lord was watching over them all the way. The sun was shinning everyday. After our arrival, we spent the first night in guest housing until we could unload our stuff into our house. We were able to put our trailer into the heated shop so our stuff could warm up before we move it in to prevent breaking. It was wonderful how everyone helped us move in, and we had meals brought to us for a week while we were unpacking and settling in.  It was a great way to start relationships. The next few days were crazy with information overload. We got a lot of work done with organizing the house and making lists. We are working on getting citizenship established. Drivers licences,internet, phone, mailing address and insurance stuff. Jared will start working as soon as all this is taken care of. Right now there is about 3 feet of snow on the ground. It is so beautiful. We can't thank everyone enough for helping us through prayer and support. The days are the shortest right now, but are not really any different than Michigan. Here are some pictures of our house and some views that we get to wake up to every morning.

Our home Phone: 907-746-7124 

Or call camp and they can transfer you.

Here are some pictures of our house and some veiws that we get to wake up to everyone morning.
Here is Evelynn enjoying her long underwear.
Here is the front of the house.

 Here is the enter way

Here is the Living room

Kenten doing house work. He is such a sweet boy.

The Kitchen

Up stairs Bathroom

Here is Evelynn's room. This is also my sewing room. Can't wait to use it.
I have some sewing to do with window treatments.
Our room is a not in any pictures, because it is a collect all room for right now.

Here is Boy's room They are down stairs

Alison Downstairs

The snow out of Alison's window

The open basement to play

Here is the kid's bathroom
Here are some views

So we are so blessed and excited for what God has in planned for us. Thanks for all the prayers during the move and for the continual prayers.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

on the Road!!

So Jared and Kenten left one Tuesday the 7th. The picked up Johnathan from camp at the airport at 2:45 in the afternoon. Than they made it to Kenosha, WI. Johnathan was tied and Jared did not have good luck with Chicago. Than the next day they made it to St. Cloud, MN. That hotel had a pool and Kenten was able to go swimming and burn off some stored energy form the ride. Kenten had so much fun. Than they traveled up through North Dakota to Canada. The boarder crossing was fast maybe 5 minutes. All the hotels were full because of the oil workers. So they head west and ended up at  Elkhorn Alberta and stayed there. It was the last room available they were very lucky. The next night they made it to Edmonton. They still didn't run into any snow. They went on to  traveled to Drawson Creek. Tonight they are in Fort Nelson they ran into some snow and had to use the chains once. But everything went good and they are in the hotel. I talked to them on Skype for along time and it was great to see him. In that time will Jared has been gone I have moved form Jared's mom and dad's house to my mom and dad's house. So Jared's sister and brother in law can moving in to the his parent's house while they are in the process of  building their house. I have found that I needed to buy another piece of luggage because I have way to much stuff to fit into one bag. I fly out on Wednesday morning with the kids and my younger sister Brianna. I can believe how things are working out. I love to watch God work.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Green light to go!

We have reached our goal and have set dates to leave. Jared will leave Tues. morning, Dec. 6 with the truck and trailer. Kenten will ride along with Jared. The two boys will cruise on down to Chicago to pick up a passenger from camp to ride along the rest of the way so they wont be alone. Kacie will leave Wednesday, Dec. 14 with the other three kids and her sister Brianna to help out. They will be taking the Alaskan Air lines. If all goes as planned. Jared will arrive just before Kacie...assuming that the weather cooperates. We are very excited and busy. We are trying to contact everyone to get things squared away before we leave. We want to say our goodbyes and we don't want to forget anyone. We love all of you and thank you all for your prayers and support. We will be in touch and we will surely be back to visit from time to time. We would like you all to pray for safe travels.
Serving at Victory Bible Camp,
Jared, Kacie, Kenten, Alison, Nicholas and Evelynn Werkema

Friday, November 18, 2011

The dinner recap!

The dinner went great. There were a lot of people that came out to support us and chat with us. We can't thank everyone enough who helped out with all the labors. It was very very busy but it went smooth and we did not run out of food. I was so excited to see my bed. I think I was sleeping before my head hit the pillow that night.... We are still at 96% but we know that things are working out. God knows when He wants us to leave. So here are some pics of the trailer we got. It is a 2006 24ft Interstate. The Guy that sold us the trailer did some frame work to give the floor extra support. Jared just has to check the wheel bearings and repack them. We already have Jared's tool box in it and all the tools and boxes that were in the garage. So the packing has started.

Here is Evelynn trying to work on her crawling!! She can go backwards.

Here are some Halloween pics of the kids. Kenten was a ghost, Alison was a Princess, Nicholas was a lumber jack and Evelynn was a Skunk.

We thank you all for the prayers and support. We would love to know of anything that we can pray for you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is going on...

So the dinner is coming to a near and I am hoping to get a lot done on Monday with running around. Because I am not close to having it together yet. We got great news today that we are getting close to our monthly goal we are at 96%. So that is something to be thankful for on top of the wonderful weather. We are working on the trailer and organizing everything. We hope to see everyone at the dinner on Wednesday night. If you need more information let me know I can email you times and location. If you can't make it let us know and we could maybe fit in coffee before we leave. So are so thankful for how things are working out you can see that God's hand has been on all of this. I can't say thanks enough for all the prayers. See you on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dinner Date Planned

We have planned our dinner date to be on Wednesday November 16 in the evening. We are $200 committed monthly support  away from leaving the state. The Lord has been putting things together quite fast lately. Things seem to be really falling into place. The Lord must be telling us that the time is near. We know that it is getting late in the year, but we can still make the trip safely. It may take longer, but that will be an adventure for the whole family. We are very excited for the trip. Kenten is asking us on a daily basis when we are going to leave to go sledding down the big hills. The kids are very excited and just can't wait. We want to thank all of our supporters for their partnership with us in this ministry. Together we will serve the Lord at Victory Bible Camp. We will keep everyone updated on the latest and greatest news with this ministry and what is happening at camp. We will send regular updates either by mail or email which ever you prefer. Let us know. We would really like family and friends to be a part of this ministry by visiting us at camp with work teams, or at least to just visit and see what Victory is all about. I guarantee you that once you visit you will be hooked for life. We understand that it may be costly, but it is the opportunity of a life time. We are asking for your prayers for a safe trip, and that we may find the last bit of financial support needed. Thanks again!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking Forward

Since Jared has been done working for the last three weeks we have had time to get things organized. We have had more time to meet with people about support and we have looked at many trailers. We took another step out of our comfort zone and put a letter in the church mail box updating people and being more direct in asking about helping us. Also with looking at trailers Jared heard through the grape vine about a trailer for sale and so he went to look at it. It was perfect!!! So he called the owner and they wanted too much. So the next day he still couldn't get the trailer off his mind so he called the people back and told them what we were doing. The people are wanting to help us out and are trying to hold it for us. In the middle of all of this we got new family pictures taken.Here are some of them!

 The Whole Werkema Family

 This was a day that I did a photoshoot with Evelynn.

 We are still looking for support in prayer for the whether to hold out for our travel. We still are in need of some financial monthly support. We are very close but still need assistance. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Leaving soon!!

We are getting very close to leaving. Jared will be done working at Dykstra's Auto service on Sept. 30. We still need to raise more support. If anyone would like to support us, and need a pledge card, please e-mail or contact us by phone. If you have a pledge card and want to be supporters, please send it in to Victory Ministries so that the camp knows what our committed monthly support is. We cannot leave until we reach 80% monthly committed funds. We need prayer more than anything. We made some prayer cards if anyone would like one. We can hand deliver one for an excuse to visit, or we can mail one too. We are very excited and nervous for this next step in our lives. It is getting later in the season. We may even be driving up in the snow. Whatever the Lord has planned we will follow.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a wonderful Sunday!!

This morning we woke up to 55 degrees. What a relief of temperature compared to last week.We have so much to be thankful for. There are so many people willing to help us out in any way. We are thankful for family and friends. Today we went up in front of our church to let the congregation know what we are doing. Afterwards, we had a question and answer time for anyone who wanted to learn more about our mission. Jared was so nervous, but it turned out okay. The Lord is constantly working with us every step of the way. We have a little ways to go with support raising before we can leave. We really hope to be able to leave sometime in September. But if that is not the Lords plan then maybe October? Either way, we are getting very anxious. We want to let everyone know that, sometime in the near future, we will plan a going away party/dinner for all family and friends to join in on for a time of fellowship and food.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer is Ending!!

It has been a fast crazy summer for us and also for Victory. Summer camp is done now for the camp and it has been very exciting. There has been a lot of Kids that have come to know Christ or have deepen their relationship with Christ. It is always great when you hear how people are coming to know our Savior.

We have talked to the Director a few nights ago and the whole camp is ready for us to get up to camp.  We are still working on support and praying about how the Lord has it mapped out for us to get up to camp.  Other exciting news with support is we are working on a date to talk in front of Forest Grove church. We hope that it will be this month. We are also hosting a dinner for members of Vriesland Church for people interested in hearing about how the Lord is working at Victory camp. I am excited but nervous to host a dinner. I finished our prayer cards and they look great and I can't wait to see how God will bless us with all the prayer. We are still hoping to leave sometime in September. We thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazy Time

OH this month is going fast. Evelynn was Baptized this month it was a wonderful day for the whole family. I did a lunch after and it was a good time for fellowship. With Alaska not much has happenend with setting a better date of leaving. We still are need 80% before we can head up. But we are very greatful for all the prayers and loving support we are getting from our friends and family. We are hoping to get our movie soon so we can present to our church and Vriesland church. We have to present the movie and information all together in front of church. It is still amazing how God is putting people in our life to help us. I (Kacie) have had the privilege to make a wonderful friendship with a lady that goes to our church. We also have people praying for us. So If you want to know where we are at in our raising of support I would say we are at 25%. I am very excited to tell the Church families and see how everything works out for us to get up to Alaska.

Friday, June 24, 2011

How we have Seen God working!

So this happened a few weeks ago but is still is something wonderful to tell you about. We were told that a good generator is cheaper down here than in Alaska. So we have been looking for one. We wanted a Honda and big enough to power a few things. So we were watching craigslist and other sites for a used one. So one night I found one that was 10 minutes away and the kind we wanted. So I talked to Jared and emailed the guy. When we heard back from the guy we realized how small of a world it is. Jared know the gentleman who was had it for sale and he ended up giving us a good deal to were we could afford it. But it was everything that we were looking for. It was great how everything worked out all. Our prayers were answered. Also we got a call from a church that is going to let us present in front of the church our video and our mission statement. I can't wait to see how God is going to make everything work out. He is great!!

We are working on making prayer cards for people so it can be a reminder anyone to be praying for us. here is some of pictures I have for them.

 If you are in need of a prayer let me know and I will add you to the prayer list.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Something New!!

We found a new Victory Bible Camp website to visit. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moving out and on

At the beginning of June we moved out of our house and started to rent it out. We moved in with Jared's mom and dad and family. Jared, Evelynn, and I are in the camper. Then Evelynn doesn't wake up everyone at night and me and Jared have time to just us. The other kids sleep in the house upstairs. It is working out good and the kids love the pool. We are still working on rasing suppport. It is amazing how God is bringing people into our lives to help us do His work. We are hoping to talk in front of church soon. We recently made a video while we were at Victory. This video describes what we will be doing at camp. We want to present this to church, friends and family. We would love it if you would pray for us in this transition. If the Lord is willing, we would really like to leave Michigan for sure by the end of summer. We don't have a set date to tell everyone, but we have a season to shoot for. If anyone is interested in supporting us, we kindy ask that the pledge cards get mailed to victory as soon as possible. This is how we keep track of our support level percentage. Once we reach 80%, we can leave for Alaska. We would like to plan a going away party/get together at our curch for all family and friends to say goodbye and have a little fellowship with a good meal. Also, if anyone needs to contact us by mail, our new temporary address is... P.O. BOX 523 Hudsonville, MI 49426

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home from Alaska

So Jared, Evelynn and I went to Alaska to have a bunch of meetings. We were there for a week. It was a fast trip. Evelynn did great thou.  In the meetings we covered health care, housing, community, school, and Jared's work responsibilities. It was great all the information that the camp gave to us. I see changes at camp and how God is working in people there. It was hard to leave camp this time and I can't wait to call it home. It is funny how every time we go to camp we take less pictures because pictures can't even come close to the real site.

The older kids stayed with the grandparents the week we were there. They were happy to see us when we got home. I can't thank everyone enough who has helped with the kids and with bring meals with us having the baby.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby is Here!!!

She is here!! Yeah
Evelynn Grace
Lynn is after my mom's middle name and older sister's middle name. Grace is after my Grandma's middle name.

We went in on Saturday the 30. She finally showed her face at 6:09pm that day. She was born 9 pounds 12 ounces, 21 inches long. She was 15 days early thankfully. The other kids were very excited for her, but the sure did miss mom being home. I came home on Monday May first and Jared started a project of new sink and faucets in the kitchen. So he stayed home the next day to help me and finish the project. It turned in to new plumbing for the kitchen too. Oh so interesting beginning a project. I remember when our oldest came home from the hospital it doesn't  fell like that long ago. Wow the kids grow so fast. Now we are a family or 6 crazy busy but worth every lost second of sleep.

The kids are fighting over who gets to hold Evelynn first. It is cute!

So I am very grateful for everyone who has offered to help. I got out of the house today by myself and it took forever and when I got home I needed a nap. So with Yes I am very great for the help. Thank you Thank you

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

What a wonderful day of praising God's name. I sang in the choir this morning. It went ok but I will say that the rest of the day I had my kankles (they are no longer ankles) up in the air. The kids were very cute all dressed up and the church was smelling of all the flowers. But lets not forget the reason for Easter. It is not because of family or candy or great meals. That God sent his son to die on a cross for all of are sins and that we can say he has risen from the dead. So yes Jesus has Risen! It is amazing to know that because of him all things are possible. I hope your Easter was a restful and peaceful as mine.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Start with the News from the family

So where to start.....
I hope that everyone will enjoy the following our family on our Adventures. First, Jared and me have been married almost 6 years and it went by so fast. We are each others better half.

Kenten is going to be 6 in September and lost 2 teeth. I homeschool him and he is great at math and loves singing. He has so much love and care for animals and plants it is his gift.

Alison is going to be 4 in July and she is a girly girly, she always has her purse and lip gloss on hand. She loves to hop every where and dance. Yes even in public! She is going to a free 6 week preschool and is loving all the kids. I enjoy the excitement that she has when she comes home. I have never heard someone talk so much as Alison.

Nicholas is just 2 and gets in to everything. He can not talk much but knows what he waits. Oh and he loves to take off his diaper. I guess that is in the right step to potty training him. But  he is all boy and you can not keep him away from water.

Will now I am pregnant and due any day and hope to go soon. We know we are having a girl so it is very exciting. We are very blessed with all are needs being there for us. It is amazing how everything is working out for us.

Up coming events in the Werkema house:

  • I am singing for Easter at church!!! Exciting but scary
  • Jared's Birthday is on Thursday April 28.
  • Zach my brother is getting married and Kenten is in it as a ring bearer. That is in September.
  • We are presenting a video to Church about Victory and our Mission statement also putting information on pledging in mail boxes at church. (would love for you to pray for us)

Update with the family

Dear Family and Friends,
We are looking to go into the missionary field as part of Victory Ministries of Alaska. We would be located at Victory Bible camp. Victory is in Sutton, Alaska, about 3 hours northeast of Anchorage. Jared would work in the auto shop and help with any maintenance needs. We feel a strong calling to serve the Lord here with our children. To be disciples of Christ, serving those at camp and in the community.
Victory Ministry is a non profit organization that relies solely on finical gifts. Therefore no staff member gets paid by Victory Ministry. This is a full time Missionary position we have chosen. This was decided through much prayer and scripture seeking. We will be sad to leave family and friends but there is a great need for help at Victory.
Existing with the sole purpose of bringing glory to God, the goal of Victory Bible Camps is to enable each camper to draw one step closer to Jesus while attending a week of camp. Victory offers a well rounded experience for young kids all the way up to adults. There is activities such as hiking, boating, horseback riding, glacier climbing, canoeing all the way to face painting, crafts, archery, riflery, activities on the water front toys and equipment and swimming. There is also daily praise and worship with chapel speakers and fascinating bible studies for a perfect blend of unforgettable camp memories and spiritual growth. The camp operates all year round, so we will be very busy all year. We will be at Victory for a indefinite amount of time.
Victory Bible Camp relies on the willingness of volunteers to donate their time, and the financial support by donors. Please contact us with any questions. 

No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who came in may see the light. Luke 11:33

This is up in Alaska last year.

So I apologize  if you did not get your letter yet. It maybe because I do not have your address. So I hope you can still enjoy the information and ability to follow what we are up to with the use of the blog.