Friday, November 18, 2011

The dinner recap!

The dinner went great. There were a lot of people that came out to support us and chat with us. We can't thank everyone enough who helped out with all the labors. It was very very busy but it went smooth and we did not run out of food. I was so excited to see my bed. I think I was sleeping before my head hit the pillow that night.... We are still at 96% but we know that things are working out. God knows when He wants us to leave. So here are some pics of the trailer we got. It is a 2006 24ft Interstate. The Guy that sold us the trailer did some frame work to give the floor extra support. Jared just has to check the wheel bearings and repack them. We already have Jared's tool box in it and all the tools and boxes that were in the garage. So the packing has started.

Here is Evelynn trying to work on her crawling!! She can go backwards.

Here are some Halloween pics of the kids. Kenten was a ghost, Alison was a Princess, Nicholas was a lumber jack and Evelynn was a Skunk.

We thank you all for the prayers and support. We would love to know of anything that we can pray for you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is going on...

So the dinner is coming to a near and I am hoping to get a lot done on Monday with running around. Because I am not close to having it together yet. We got great news today that we are getting close to our monthly goal we are at 96%. So that is something to be thankful for on top of the wonderful weather. We are working on the trailer and organizing everything. We hope to see everyone at the dinner on Wednesday night. If you need more information let me know I can email you times and location. If you can't make it let us know and we could maybe fit in coffee before we leave. So are so thankful for how things are working out you can see that God's hand has been on all of this. I can't say thanks enough for all the prayers. See you on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dinner Date Planned

We have planned our dinner date to be on Wednesday November 16 in the evening. We are $200 committed monthly support  away from leaving the state. The Lord has been putting things together quite fast lately. Things seem to be really falling into place. The Lord must be telling us that the time is near. We know that it is getting late in the year, but we can still make the trip safely. It may take longer, but that will be an adventure for the whole family. We are very excited for the trip. Kenten is asking us on a daily basis when we are going to leave to go sledding down the big hills. The kids are very excited and just can't wait. We want to thank all of our supporters for their partnership with us in this ministry. Together we will serve the Lord at Victory Bible Camp. We will keep everyone updated on the latest and greatest news with this ministry and what is happening at camp. We will send regular updates either by mail or email which ever you prefer. Let us know. We would really like family and friends to be a part of this ministry by visiting us at camp with work teams, or at least to just visit and see what Victory is all about. I guarantee you that once you visit you will be hooked for life. We understand that it may be costly, but it is the opportunity of a life time. We are asking for your prayers for a safe trip, and that we may find the last bit of financial support needed. Thanks again!