Sunday, January 22, 2012

The sun is here!!

God is so good to us. We can't get over how beautiful the mountains are. We are looking forward to summer for many reasons but we all love the snow so much. One of the reasons we are excited is the fact that when visitors meet the staff you can feel God working here. We want everyone to feel God working in them after being here. Also, we find it convenient to be able to go outside without taking 20 plus minutes to get out the door because we can't find the other mitten. 

There has been a lot of excitement going on since our last post. We have gotten a lot of paper work done. Moving can be a lot like getting married all over again with all the change of information and change of address. Jared has been very busy in the Auto Shop. He has also been busy plowing all the wonderful snow that we have gotten. We had a couple groups in last weekend, and we have more groups coming in on Friday this week. We love that people can come here and grow in Christ. We have been attending the Glacier View Bible Church since we have arrived. It is down the road about 10 miles or so. The kids started Sunday school this week and are making more and more friends. Kenten has a birthday party to go to next week for one of his friends.

It seems to be the time of year where we all get very jealous of where each of our homes are located. Our house is high enough that we get the sun shining in the house from 12:50 to 1:30 in the afternoon on a clear day. The days often seem to be clear. It is wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun on us. So we joke with a few people that they can come over between those times to visit or just soak up the vitamin D.

The first Package from Michigan

On the way home from Church
Things we do for Fun:
Every Monday night Kacie gets a break from the kids and goes to play Volleyball at the local school with some of the community people. Yes, Kacie is very competitive and loves to play her sports. But with the kids, they love the snow. They would be outside all the time if it was not below zero. The kids have recently attended another birthday party from a couple at church. It was a swimming party. They cranked up the heat in their garage and filled up two kids swimming pools with warm water. What a day to spend with a bunch of kids and water. Needless to say everyone took great naps that day. They had a blast. Kenten had a friend over, and they made homemade pizza that they got to decorate themselves. They both had fun eating their own specially made pizza. Jared has had the opportunity to go snowmobiling. Jared went this past weekend and a couple of weekends ago. Both times were beautiful weather and a very fun time with the guys. The snow is very deep right now and you can get stuck fast if you are not paying attention to the trail.

Jared has been helping to clear the camp's runway for plane use this winter. Yes, I'm sure that Dad is all smiles about right now. He surely has a passion to fly. We want to get the runway up and going for future plans. Jared is also currently working on a broke down Ford/Chevy plow truck. It is a Ford body with a Chevy engine and transmission. This vehicle lost reverse and 4x4 low range while plowing. This is the 4th plow truck that needs fixing.

Spying on Jared while he is doing some phone calls and paper work in his Auto Shop office.

Fixing one of the plow trucks.

We are very thankful for all of the people that are thinking of us and praying for us. We appreciate everything you are doing for us and for everything God has done for us. God has certainly opened the doors for us to be here, and He is still showing us his path for us. We are getting closer and closer with our Lord through his wonderful plan for the Werkema family.

There has been a lot of moose on the road.