Saturday, September 5, 2015

The end of one Chapter and the beginning of another.

We would like to start off thanking all of you for everything over the years. Almost 4 years ago we arrived at Victory Bible Camps and Conference Center December 15, 2011, but we have been part of camp off and on together since September, 2008. When we were in the “support raising” stages of this great adventure, it was obvious that the Lord was opening doors to bring us to Victory. The Lord used people to encourage us, support us, and to pray for us during this entire experience. It’s a blessing to look back and see how everything was lined up and has worked out. We have enjoyed serving the Lord here at Victory as we have been through a lot in the years we have been here. We all have grown a lot in our relationship with the Lord, each other, and with our family. We have seen God work in us and in the camp.
Since this past April we have been praying and searching our hearts on what the Lord is doing in us. There was a feeling of unrest. We didn’t know what was not sitting right, but we just gave it to the Lord over and over again. We just trusted in the Lord to lead us. We went into summer asking God for wisdom and guidance. In the middle of July, we felt as if things were stirring. So we went to the Lord with the idea of starting an auto shop in the community. I, Jared, called together a “council of men” asking some local men for their input on what we felt was stirring. The council that I chose was the pastor, 3 elders, and 2 trusted friends. Three out of the six men were business owners in the community. Yet again God used others to help us see His plan. Those men prayed with us and encouraged us that it would be a great opportunity to serve God as a mechanic in the community. This would also be a good move to be a closer part of the community. Over the past few years, we have developed many relationships in the community. Our hearts are still at camp, but over the last year our hearts have transitioned to the community.
A gentleman from the church and the community has a shop that he had offered to us for business use back 2 years ago already. He also brought it up again this past winter. This individual wants to see us succeed and is willing to help us get started in any way he can. He and I met several times over the past summer discussing logistics. Kacie and I took a step back and asked ourselves if we could really become business owners. So Kacie and I prayed and decided this was the route that we were to pursue. We also have a small house that we can rent near the shop. It needs a little work, but we plan on being moved in by September 1. God has been good to us. We love ministry and serving others. God showed us how we can glorify Him in this area. He also prepared us for this by working on all the different camp vehicles and equipment.
We are excited to let you all know that things are ending for us at Victory Bible Camps and Conference Center as of August 31st. We are nervous and eager to open up our own auto shop business. We look forward to what God has in store for us in this new chapter of our lives. We don’t know all the details yet. We would love your prayers during this transition period of our lives.
            Again, we can’t thank our supporters, family, and friends enough for all you have done for us through the years. We appreciate each and every one of you.

With Christ,
Jared and Kacie Werkema & family
New Address
66502 S. Keith's RD
Sutton, AK 99674

***If you have any questions please call ( 907-746-7124), email, or facebook us. We are not receiving a pay check from Victory for the month of September. If you send a gift to the camp it WILL NOT be going to us, but into General Funds.