Tuesday, March 26, 2013

God is so Good

Yes! God is so good. This past month has been busy with camp and family. God has blessed our family with a wood stove. The house we live in, up until the past month, was not approved for a wood stove. Thanks be to God, now we were able to put in a wood stove. God lined everything up, and to Him be the Glory. Not only is it a great way to heat the house, but also dry out all those wet winter clothes and wet window ledges. Jared got all the stove pipe on a Saturday and we had a fire lit in the stove by Monday. We still have to figure out what kind of tile we want under it. That will be a good summer project. We currently have cement bored under and behind it right now, not the prettiest but love the heat. It is still getting cold outside at night. Below zero the past few nights. Here are some pictures of the new wonderful addition to the house. It is located in the basement with the intention to heat both levels.

Cutting the holes. Evelynn was watching very carefully.

Finished up stairs

first fire!
We look forward to a lot of wood cutting and working hard to enjoy this gift from God and thank Him for everything He has provided our family with. It will save us a lot of money throughout the year and we are very thankful for this blessing.

Mountain Man

In our last blog we told you about Mountain man. The once a year outing on snowmobiles and winter camping. Here are some pictures of Jared and the boys enjoying there time together. They had to go earlier in the week because there was a big retreat group in camp that weekend. So there was not many people there when they were out camping.

Peaking out of the tent that they stayed in.

Warming up by the stove.

All packed and ready to go back home until next year. Now Nicholas knows what it is like to go to Mountain man and has a lot to talk about until next time. What memories they are making together. Nicholas is already talking about next year.