Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is gone on in the Northern Country.

Summer camp is over…
The summer staff have left the campus and gone home. They were such a big help with all that God had in store for all everyone that have come here this summer. All the activities, events, praise and worship and even with helping set up and take down equipment. We appreciate the summer staff for giving up their summer to come and volunteer their time and make a lasting impression on the kids and full time staff. We can’t wait to see who comes back next summer and see how they have grown spiritually with what God is doing in their lives. August is a busy time for the maintenance staff. Many large guest groups arrive and also there are large work teams to be with side by side serving Christ. It is time to go get fire wood, go berry picking and get ready for the cold. All kinds of work teams are here, and there are some big groups still to come. The list continues on and on.
We have had the wonderful opportunity to visit with the Hudsonville Reformed Church work team for two weeks. We had a great time working with all of them. We went down to the river, played cards, ate a lot of popcorn, and enjoyed fellowshipping together. They helped with remodeling our housing, they filled the camp wood sheds to the top, did a lot of carpentry, cleaning, kitchen work and, of course, bringing glory to God. Jared had a great time with Chuck Steenwyk working in the shop with him. Chuck was able to get all the DOT inspections done for all the camp commercial vehicles. What a blessing. This week we have a work team from Vermont. They are a great group of people. Fred helps Jared in the shop and is such a blessing to the shop. He does a lot of work on the equipment and with such a Christ like attitude. We were able to take them down to the river and have some time to get to know them. So thankful for the time and money that people give to be able to serve here at Victory Bible Camps. So many projects get done. We love getting to know the work teams.
Kenten and Jared on a hike.

Kacie hiking with some of friends.

Here are some of the projects Jared has been working on in the last month.

 Fred from the Vermont team repairing a radiator leak on the Loader.

 Jared doing his research on a vehicle.
Got a few new windows put in. The old windows had moisture in between the panes.

We are preparing for our October visit to Michigan. We will be in Michigan from October 1st to the 21st.  On the 12th, we will be sharing at Forest Grove Reformed church...nervous to death about talking in front of people. We look forward to visiting with everyone. We have many dates open if you would like to get together for a visit. Just connect with us and let us know and we can figure something out. We are so thankful for everyone who prays for us and who financially supports us.  We can’t thank you enough. Glory to God in the highest. We are so blessed.
Hauling logs for firewood.

Here's a good hefty load of wood that the ol' Dodge hauled out.

Kids picking blueberries.

The blueberries are big this year.