Friday, January 9, 2015

Now that the Christmas season is over we realize what a joy it is to celebrate the gift of Christ. After the New Year, it comes natural to reflect on the past year. Recapping last year starting from the beginning of 2014. Oh the memories of frozen pipes and up all night trying to thaw them out. That was much of Jan. 2014. Feb was intense for a day or two. This is the month the loader broke through ice on the lake. Everything turned out okay. God was watching over all of us. March was exciting with hosting some of the biggest groups of the year. The annual mountain man camp out took place that month. All the men and boys love those outings. During the months of April and May, we spend time gearing up for outdoor education, homeschool book fair, recruiting summer help and serving groups. May was a busy month and the start of the busy summer. Starting May 1 through Aug. 31 we are busy 6-7 days a week. We set up water front, put the docks in, orientation week with swim test, no thank you, and we were able to squeeze in a 2 day fishing get away as a familyJ. June was unique this past year. We had six inches of snow on the 2nd.  Lots of work and work teams. July, we enjoyed the company of Jared’s dad and brother, Caleb. They were here visiting and working for a good week.

Over the summer:
First time Salvation – 55 kids
Rededication – 116 kids
Made a commitment to daily spend time with God – 209 kids
Desire mentor ship – 29 kids
Committed to attend church regularly – 51 kids

This feels like a long time ago.

 The month of Aug. started out with three work team groups from the “Dangerous for Good” ministry. They are very big groups of guys and girls ready and roaring to get jobs done. Also, a wonderful team from Vermont that faithfully dedicates a couple weeks here each year. Our sending church was here on a work team that month as well. We had a lot of fun in Aug. Then Kacie’s mom and dad were here for a couple of weeks. Lots of visitors last year! There was a fire up on Victory peak above camp. We were able to watch the forestry people and a helicopter drop water on the burn areas. We are thankful to know that God was, and is, in control. September was a month of cutting firewood, picking berries, moose hunting, and preparing for winter. Camp was still busy with some school groups and weekend retreats. October was slower paced and time well spent playing catch up. Jared was able to breathe and take on some projects that he had to put off because of summer. November was hard. Kacie’s grandma Van Koevering passed away after a heart attack. She was able to be with her family in Michigan during that hard time.  At the end of November we enjoyed Thanksgiving with our friends, the Cote` family. It was wonderful time spent together. They also have four kids. They all seem to have fun playing together outside, no matter what the temperature.
                Now we are able to pick up with this month at the beginning of December. Jared had the opportunity to go to Galena on an “In reach” trip.  “In reach” is a part of Victory that helps other ministries throughout Alaska. The guys enjoyed their time spent in the bush. There were 4 guys on this trip Jared, Ryan, Mark, and Ron (the pilot from Kingdom Air Corp). The temperatures ranged from -10 to 0 degrees. The group of guys were able to be there for 3 nights and 4 days. In that time they were able to work on 3 or 4 snow machines, chainsaws, the village school bus, and some other random projects.

Christmas this year was a surprise for the kids. Jared’s Parents showed up here for Christmas. It was a great Christmas present for the kids. It was wonderful time as a family and surely a Christmas to remember. All of us enjoyed the time together. Jared took his dad on a snow machining trip up into the mountains with some other friends. Both Jared’s mom and dad enjoyed and absorbed all the time they could with the grandkids. Especially Jared’s mom because, she was not able to make it to Alaska in July when Jared’s dad and brother came up.
Now with the New Year started we are able to look forward to what God has in store for us all this year. We were blessed with so many visitors and moments of making memories. While writing out what happened over the last year, we know that we were busy and, it seems crazy busy when we look back, but it was all worth it. To God be the Glory… We are so very thankful to be here and able to serve Him. He has protected us, helped us, provided for us, and used us for His glory. We are so grateful for God’s love for us and for Victory Bible Camps.
We know that Camp is in for some changes. We will be getting to know a new staff family, the Lenichek’s. They are starting the middle of this month. Also it is public knowledge that camp will be losing a staff family this month. The Matt and Carole Scherrer family have decided to pursue God’s calling to Montana. They have been here almost 14 years. They are a huge part of camp and the community. It will be sad to see them leave.  It is wonderful to see God opening and closing doors for camp. We know that God is going to provide for those who follow Him.
There were many answered prayers this year. We were blessed with enough summer help, a new snow plow and truck, light duty truck, two vans, a suburban, an expedition, no bad injuries over the summer, wonderful work teams, tons of accomplishments done around camp, people able to work together serving the Lord and a great end to the season. We are sure there are many more. Some personal answered prayers are safety, comfort with the loss of grandma, patience and love with raising our kids, financial support, providing wood, moose meat and a place to live. There are so many ways God has answered our prayers this year. We praise Him for all that He has done.
We want to thank everyone for all the prayers, thoughts, love and financial support for us through the last year. We would like to encourage you all to look back at your past year and look for how God has answered your prayers. How has God worked in your life? In the coming year if you feel doors are opening for you to serve either in your church, community, or farther than your comfort zone, we urge you to follow that door God opens for you.

How can you get involved?
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