Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Making memories

Ok so summer staff is in this week of orientation. That means the business is here. So we thought we should share how we prepare as a family for summer to start. We went camping over Memorial day weekend. Also the beginning of that same week Jared, Alison, and Nicholas went Halibut fishing with friends. Here are some pictures of the fun times as a family.
Ok let me explain.. There was a bee nest and they guys were handling it with bb guns. It was a good practice of shooting on the fly. 

Enjoying the fire

Kids playing Uno and other card games. We taught them how to play dice.

Shooting at tin cans with bb guns

it was hot so this is all the boys shirtless.

Guys working on Grilling over the fire.

The view was great

Kids making lunch

Walking in the water with Evelynn

Playing catch with all the boys
Firewood. Yes we even ran out

fishing for rainbow trout

looking for bugs, frogs, or other animals to catch

Nicholas turn target shooting 

The Girls shooting the barrel and cans.

Evelynn and her fish

So we went with another family from our church. They have 4 kids and we have 4.. So 8 kids 4 adults Yeah we were out number. But everyone had a friend to play with or hangout with. It was a great camping trip. We look forward to going again in the fall before school starts.

Fishing Trip
Alison's Halibut. She is so hooked on fishing.

Her Skate she caught.

Nicholas with his fish.
This was down in Ninilchik Alaska. It is about 6 hour drive one way. But it was a great time and we were blessed with fish in the freezer. Thanks again Jake and Heather for letting us go.

Jared and Alison Bear hunt
This was at the beginning of May. It was just Jared and Alison sending time together. They hiked a lot and looked for bears. They only found tracks that were old. They both enjoyed time together.

This is how we start summer off. We are so thankful for our friends that went camping with us, our friends that took us fishing, and that we can send some much need time together as a family before  Summer camp starts.

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