Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The end of summer 2015

Wow summer camp is done. What a crazy fast time of the year. So much to do. So many things going on.  We could be busy every night if we wanted to. Thankfully there are many people to help out and be a part of the different events. Whether it is chapel, water front, workteam night events, or night time games for the kids.
                The summer staff was so much fun to get to know. It was a mature group of staff. Don’t get us wrong. The summer staff still would act their age and had fun. There was also summer help in the kitchen that was unmeasurable in all the work they did here. One of the kitchen help who has been here year after year is Adri Ruisch. She is an amazing Woman. Adri can create a meal out of leftover to feed like 50 people no problem. Also for half the summer Adri’s husband and daughter were here to help out. The other family helps put the brakes on Adri or she would just work all day and night. She is a very hard worker.
You know the saying, many hands makes light work. Well that is very true with camp. It is so big and there is no way the full time staff could keep up with the demands of up keep and remodels at the same time. Here is a small list of things that have been done. There are somethings that we may have forgotten.
  • Painting outside of Douglas, Spruce Lodge, Alder, Pump house (the rest of Conference housing will be painted in August is the plan)
  •  8 sets of Curtains in Alder
  • Interior paint up and downstairs in Alder
  • Remodel of the boys bathroom in Miracle Lodge
  • Extra help in the kitchen
  • Dirt work in front of some of the houses to prevent water drainage into the houses.
  • Demo and rebuild of a some retaining walls
  • Drywall patching and fixing
  • Help with housekeeping
  • Plus there is so much more

There is so many things that volunteers do at camp. It is a huge part of making the camp able to keep running and getting projects done. We can’t thank them enough for all that they do here.

Here are some pictures from different weeks of camp. Total there was 571 campers this summer. We know a lot of fun was going on but more importantly God's love and truth was poured into the campers. 

Chapel time... What a blessing.

Adventure camp this summer. They had a waiting list each week of that camp.

The new blob. Thank you Forest Grove Church

One of the speakers. 

trail rides

We thank you all for your love and support here at Victory Bible camp. Also thank you for your prayers. There are many things that have happened this summer.We know that God was and is in control of all of those events. 

Please keep us in your prayers this week 
  •  2 different work teams here at the camp. It will be busy and can be stressful.
  • Physical health 
  • Camp as it transitions into it's conference season
  • For the Leadership and Future of this camp
  • The seeds that were planted in kids this summer that they may grow into fruit and a relationship with the One and only Lord and Savior
  • That  God maybe the main Focus of all who step foot onto the camp. Whether they are staff, Volunteers, outpost ( that is the year long internship program), or it is guest.

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